The Potters Planner July - January


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  • Image of  The  Potters Planner July - January
  • Image of  The  Potters Planner July - January
  • Image of  The  Potters Planner July - January
  • Image of  The  Potters Planner July - January

Hey there, thanks for popping by.

This planner is a 16 page digital guide and planner designed to help potters plan for the busiest time of the potters year.

This planner is for you if you are a potter in the early years of your business.

In it I help you forward plan the next 7 months so that you go into this hectic part of the year feeling confident and prepared. Pre-making decisions around when and how you will spend your time before the Christmas rush 100% saves heartache and stress.

It is for you if :

-you are not yet familiar with the cycles of making / promoting/ selling your pottery, and would like guidance around what this could look like in the up and coming months

-you don't yet know the key dates that you need to work with during this time of year to decrease your stress levels

-you don't yet know when are the best times to make and when are the best times to promote and sell your pottery


-if you REALLY don't want to find yourself pulling your hair out in November and December because of all the things you still have to do before Christmas and when there just aren't enough hours in the day to achieve it (I've been there before, it is the worst, I promise)

This planner is NOT for you if:

You are a few years into your pottery business and are feeling comfortable about how it operates.

You feel comfortable with the yearly cycles of making/ promoting/ selling and how to pace them going into the Christmas rush.

You already have a standard yearly content calendar that guides you in your content creation.

You like to fly by the seat of your pants even if that means staying up late night after night in those final weeks before Christmas to get all your orders made and finished. Some people like adrenaline. I get it :)

What will happen after I purchase this Guide?

Because of the way this website is currently set up please allow 24 hours to be sent your digital guide. Maybe double check at the checkout that your email has no typos in it as well please :)

If you do not see your planner within 24 hours of purchase please double check your spam accounts as sometimes things get caught up in there.

There is a no refund policy due to the digital nature of the product but if you have any concerns or questions please do get in contact via my contact form.

X Ilona